Il porticciolo affacciato sulla Costa d'Argento

The marina overlooking the Silver Coast

The marina overlooking the Silver Coast. One of the access points to the Maremma Regional Park

With short trips to the south you reach the tourist port of Talamone a picturesque and solitary fishing village, located on a rocky peak from which you can see an enchanting view.

Talamone became famous following the temporary landing of Giuseppe Garibaldi for the expedition of the Thousand, in fact it was the gathering point for the volunteers who embarked.

Large and imposing is the walls of the old village, the Rocca Senese, which dominates the bay below for centuries.

Here you will find the Women’s Bath, a small cove made of rocks and gravel, known for the purity of the waters and the beauty of the seabed.

The exposure to the winds make Talamone an ideal place and a popular destination for those who practice windsurf and kitesurf.
Do not miss the Orbetello Lagoon Aquarium dedicated to the ecosystem of the nearby Laguna di Orbetello.

Continue with the Ossola beach until you reach the Argentario promontory (30 minutes by car) with its indented coastline, its inlets and its crystal clear sea.

An area of unforgettable charm, as well as of particular interest from the underwater point of view because diving enthusiasts are rich in unique scenarios (for more information: Costa d’Argento diving center ).