The seven pearls of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Tuscan archipelago. The seven stars of the Tyrrhenian. Caressed by the Tyrrhenian Sea and decorated every year by the Blue Flags for the quality of sea and hospitality.

The Toscana caressed by the Mare Tirreno every year is decorated by Blue Flags for the quality of the reception of its facilities and since 1996 The Tuscan Archipelago National Park, is the largest Marine Park in Europe, in which the Giglio Island has become a protected area and has been proposed as a site of Community importance. The seven pearls of the Tyrrhenian are the 7 main islands from which the Tuscan Archipelago is composed, starting from the largest among which we remember the Island d’Elba , Capraia and of the Giglio , up to the smallest including Giannutri, Gorgona , Montecristo and Pianosa . Isola del Giglio and Giannutri are easily reachable from the holiday farm Il Migliarino being located a few kilometers from Porto Santo Stefano from where you can embark for reach them.

The two companies that serve to reach the two islands are the Toremar and the Maregiglio